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Working together

Adjust to make your prospect feel OK

One of my clients has been in conversation with a prospect for many months, and there’s been a lot of back and forth between them. After an initial proposal and another, revised, proposal to this prospect, my client finally got a phone call with the decision-maker himself.


Happy ears

What to do when things seem too good to be true

One of my clients who is a trainer received a couple of referrals a while back. When he got in touch with one of them, she was immediately ready to get started training her staff, which is not typical in his world.


Customer service call

Discovering motivations in unexpected orders

One of my clients, who works in the construction industry, was bragging about one of his sales representatives to me a while back. This representative made good use of an unexpected order to discover more about the company requesting it.


Negotiating for car

A horrible closing technique

A while back, I held a bootcamp for a large company at their headquarters. I spent Thursday and Friday with sales representatives who sell all across the country, and on Thursday night I heard a story that is a great example of sales gone wrong.


Inner child

Who’s making your gut reactions?

Have you ever been frustrated by a friend or a colleague who was limited in life by the things they heard when they were young? Or you know someone who thinks they can do no wrong no matter what they do?


Fighting words

Careful with those fighting words!

The customer’s always right… Right? That’s great in theory, but it’s not always feasible in practice. Promises made and unkept are worse than promises not made. But not making the unreasonable promises of an angry client or prospect can seem like the makings of a fight!


Listening to tape

Transactional analysis overview

If you’re familiar with transactional analysis, you probably know that most people don’t put conscious effort into the transactional analysis they experience. You should, though. Transactional analysis affects too much of the way you interact with the world for you to ignore it.


Instant dislike

Don’t take it personally

When you introduce yourself and what you do for a living, do you often see other people tense up? You’re not alone. And it’s probably not you they’re reacting to. Experiences lead to expectations—and you can see it so quickly in a conversation.


Bad phone conversation

Embrace, blend, or defend?

Think of something you’ve agreed with in the last week. It could be something simple like someone commenting on the weather, or something as complicated as a business plan. Now think about something you encountered in the last week you immediately disagreed with. Was it something you saw on the news, something from an article you read, or something you heard someone say? Maybe all three?


Mismatched expectations

Avoid mismatched expectations

In Sandler, we have the concept of an up front contract. That’s not a signed document. Rather, it’s a clear agreement regarding how the meeting will go. It’s really about expectations.


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